Teach English with Mortimer

Get involved with language teaching

There are very good reasons why committed English trainers choose Mortimer English Club. We offer you a lively, innovative working environment, proven teaching concepts and the very best in teaching materials. Our tutors, freelance teachers, language teachers and English trainers find both freedom and guidance with Mortimer English Club – with flexible courses and a polished, professional teaching system.

Teaching with a proven concept and passion

English trainers at Mortimer work as freelancers or as full-time or part-time salaried employees. Intensive training provides you with comprehensive preparation for your work as a tutor. You enter into a contract directly with your local Mortimer language school. Or you can go a step further and choose a self-employed franchise partnership.

Pass on your knowledge to others

Are you fully equipped in the English language? If so you should pass on your knowledge to others! Teach English to children and/or adults at different levels of proficiency. You can earn some money alongside your job or study, get straight back into working life, experience a varied working day and a fulfilling job. Become part of our network – we look forward to hearing from you!

Just right for you

If you have the following competences you are perfect for Mortimer English Club – please get in contact with us!

  • Your English is excellent – written as well as spoken.
  • You are friendly, open and are able to inspire children and adults.
  • You structure your lessons in a motivated, committed and passionate manner.
  • Resourcefulness and motivation are second nature to you.
  • The topic of education is important to you and you are familiar with educational institutions.

Your income.

  • Salaried employees arrange their income individually with the management of the language school.
  • Everything is possible: a freelance job, working while you study, as a second job or as your main job.
  • Freelance English trainers agree terms with their local language school.

Your working hours.

  • You agree directly with your local language school when, where and how much you teach.
  • Give your own language courses which can be well integrated into your everyday life.

Services of your language school. You receive ...

  • first-class training in the licenced Mortimer teaching methodology,
  • proven, licenced teaching materials as part of the training you attend,
  • detailed teacher‘s guides with prepared lessons.

Your advantages. You profit from ...

  • the rewarding feeling of passing on your knowledge to highly motivated course participants,
  • a regular, additional income,
  • certificates for each successfully completed training programme,
  • a flexible freelance job, also possible for several Mortimer English Clubs at once.

Teach English and work from home.

Access the Mortimer language school trainer job portal.

What is Franchising? Self-employed with a franchise?

We look forward to getting to know you personally!

What I like best about working with Mortimer:

„I have met a lot of very nice and interesting people in my courses and sometimes I think “Wow, I am getting money for having fun!”But never underestimate the work that is include outside the courses! Anyway, my decision to join Mortimer in 2008 was absolutely right and I have never regretted this step!“

Irene Ventzke-Brand
Mortimer English Club
in 23738 Lensahn, Germany