Mortimer Franchise GmbH – Learning English with a German system

Karola Scheer

„It is dear to my own heart that the English language, which I love so much, is taught in a manner which is as friendly, entertaining and effective as possible. Our success shows that we have chosen the right path.“

Founder and Manager Mortimer English Club

On the road to success with language courses

The headquarters of Mortimer Franchise GmbH are located in Herscheid, a small German town dating from the 11th century which nestles in the densely wooded hills of the Sauerland. It was here that company founder Karola Scheer launched the first teaching classes in 1990. Today she continues to run the company with managing director Jürgen Nauditt. The friendly team based at the Mortimer franchise system headquarters coordinate and support our franchise partners worldwide.

A young knight conquers the world

The young knight Morty regularly features in the Mortimer English Club language courses. Children share the excitement when Morty, Betty the bat, Malcolm the dragon and Uncle Godfrey the magician experience thrilling adventures. Our language courses for adults are also lively and entertaining thanks to the appropriately designed teaching materials. In this way empathy, understanding and the joy of learning combine to make our unmistakable, successful Mortimer learning system.

The Mortimer concept for success

Learn English with fun and games – that is our principle. With training and advanced training courses we guarantee quality and support our international language schools. The Mortimer franchise system provides a stable commercial basis to many newly founded schools worldwide. Today more than 300 partners in 20 countries help spread the success of the Mortimer English Clubs beyond Germany and Europe – from Colombia and Morocco to Russia and China.  

Become part of Mortimer English Club

High-quality language courses are in great demand – in your region too! Get involved with us, organise language courses, set up your own language school or invest in a dynamic master franchise headquarters in your country. We offer you the appropriate franchise concept which has proven to be successful time and time again – worldwide. Find out about our four ways of forming a partnership with Mortimer Franchise GmbH – or give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you!

Pleased franchise partner tell about their experiences with Mortimer English Club.

Mortimer English Club provides you with the perfect environment for your professional success. Choose a career under the umbrella of Mortimer English Club – as a teacher, tutor or franchise partner.