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A warm welcome to Mortimer English Club. Get off to the perfect start in Switzerland!

Learning English with us is fun!

Why learning English is that easy in Mortimer English Clubs:

Fun and enjoyment

You learn English with lots of fun and enjoyment. The playful learning in Mortimer English Clubs helps learners of all ages achieve their objectives.

English is easy with us

You benefit from our excellent learning materials for all levels, individually designed for small children, school pupils, adults and business people and make learning easy.

Business English

In all Mortimer courses the focus is on communication and speaking freely. You learn in small groups of like-minded fellow students or in private lessons.

Free-of-charge trial lesssons

Please call on us for a free-of-charge trial lesson for yourself or for your children. We will be pleased to demonstrate you how easy it is to learn English. 

Here you can learn English with fun and enjoyment:

Mortimer partners in Switzerland and Liechtenstein

Great materials for learning

Jonschwil - Flawil - Gossau

Elisabeth Sailer

Ringstrasse 13c
CH-9536 Schwarzenbach
Tel.: 078 866 60 20


Learning with fun in small groups

Liechtenstein and Rhein valley

Iris Beck

St. Florinsgasse 7
FL-9490 Vaduz
Tel.: 079 536 19 75


Joyful learning

Wil area

Cheryl Warwel

Altgrubenstrasse 7
CH-9500 Wil
Tel.: 079 914 28 29 


Learning with all senses

Limmat valley, Dietikon and Spreitenbach

Andrea Diaz

Loonstrasse 5
CH-5443 Niederrohrdorf
Tel.: 076 583 61 50


St. Gallen City,
Arbon, Rorschach,
St. Margrethen, Heerbrugg

Susanne Pfaffinger

Buchelirainstrasse 17
CH-9400 Rorschach
Tel.: 079 899 13 28



Dietmar Schulz

Benzburweg 18
CH-4410 Liestal
Tel.: 061 536 37 90


Mortimer English Club

Aargau North

David Lashgari

Hauptstrasse 29
CH-4334 Sisseln
Tel.: 079 847 58 85



Every Mortimer English Club welcomes you to a free-of-charge trial lesson!





We will be pleased to demonstrate you how easy it is to learn English!