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Mango-Lime-Honey Milkshake

When it’s hot weather outside in the summer, then there’s nothing better than a fresh cocktail. Especially when there’s so much fruit in it like in our recipe. Malcolm recommends to enjoy the milkshake well chilled. Hmmmmmm… delicious!

You need:
1 middle-sized mango
300 ml milk
1 organic lime – you need the juice and a bit of grated lime peel
30 g honey – you may take more or less, depending on your personal taste. Alternatively, you can exchange the honey for vanilla sugar.
These quantities are enough for about 1 to 2 portions, depending on the size of your glasses.

This is how you prepare the milkshake
Peel the mango and cut the pulp from the pit. Then cut the pulp to small pieces. It’s best if you get assistance from an adult for this. Next you put the pulp, the lime juice, grated peel, honey and of course the milk into a blender. Mix everything thoroughly until the shake thickens. Now fill it into glasses and sprinkle some grated lime peel on top for decoration if you like. Enjoy your milkshake!