The Mortimer English Club mission statement

Learn English simply and effectively.

Being able to speak English opens the door to a whole new world, to our neighbours, friends and business partners, to new books, films and travel. Learning English can be so easy – with a bit of motivation, the joy of learning and good teaching. This is precisely what motivates us at Mortimer English Club. We love the English language and we believe in the quality of our teaching methods. We want to gain many new, competent partners in order to establish the best possible language schools worldwide – with a great deal of fun, a pleasant atmosphere and an individual, highly effective and well-established teaching concept.

Children are linguistic geniuses.

It is simply enviable how quickly and easily our young ones learn English. Many studies and even more satisfied parents confirm that in the first six years of a child’s life a foreign language can be learned in a surprisingly effortless manner and without an accent. In the courses for infants and children offered by Mortimer English Club we combine this precious ability with a great deal of fun and positive experiences. The children grow up bilingual, meet new friends, are able to join in conversations and gain an early advantage for later life.

Encourage school pupils.

The Mortimer English Club courses for school pupils aim to encourage, support and prepare our kids for the coming years at school. The English lessons at Mortimer are friendly and relaxed, while the teaching materials are particularly attractive and of high quality. Our methodology is based on the system of native speaker language acquisition, learning with all the senses – through play, singing, movement, painting and laughing. We attach particular importance to understanding English and speaking the language without any restraints.

Educate and connect adults.

People who speak English get much more from life. Mortimer English Club feel really strongly about the inspirational love of the English language. We individually tailor our language courses to the different needs of its participants, it is a meeting of like-minded souls: English for work (Business English), English with fun for everyday life and travel and English courses at a leisurely pace for people who aren’t in a hurry. With a Mortimer English course you can employ your valuable time as meaningfully and pleasantly as possible.