Give a little laughter to refugee children…

August 2015 – 

… That was the idea of our CEO Jürgen Nauditt in light of the many refugees who have arrived in Germany and in many other countries. Their fates are shown right on our TV screens everyday on the news.

In order to give the children a few nice moments and to cheer them up a little, we went right out and hired a professional children’s lady clown who did a show in a newly established refugee camp in Lüdenscheid, directly near our Mortimer Headquarters, just for the refugees. Quickly the clown was surrounded by many tiny spectators but also their parents came and watched enthusiastically how, among other things, great balloon creations are “magically” created.

We have also arranged with the local authorities to offer the refugees free language courses in the near future. With the help of our extensive language material, we were able to impart the German language in a playful and fun way and are pleased to be making a contribution in this way.