Help Ukraine - Initiative

March 2022 – 

You want to do something for the people of Ukraine but don't know how - spread this message:

War against Ukraine initiative "Call Russia" asks Russians abroad for war information by phone.

A group of activists in Lithuania has launched a campaign to inform the Russian population about the war in Ukraine. The initiative, called "Call Russia," urges Russian citizens abroad to call their compatriots and educate them about the events of the Ukraine war.

Faced with massive censorship under a new Russian law, journalists in the country can no longer freely report on the war. The activists hope that direct contact with citizens in Russia could bypass the state media's portrayal and change the way Russians view the war. The initiative has a database of 40 million randomly selected Russian phone numbers.

Each time a user clicks on the campaign website a new number appears that they can call.

Paulius Senuta, one of the campaign's founders, said he spoke to three people in Moscow about the war and the talks were "very difficult". "These people are in completely different states of information and have radically opposite views," the marketer said. "Sometimes it seemed like we actually came from different planets." The site also offers tips for international callers. For example, one should not "scold" people or "insult" them and be prepared for the fact that those called have a different point of view. "We ask people not to take a confrontational course," Senuta said. "We challenge people to speak out about the tragedy of human suffering, about people dying, about women being forced to give birth in subway stations," the founder added.