The oldest Morty student of Germany.

February 2012 – 

EFY student from Hamburg is about to turn 92 years old.

After the Mortimer headquarters had started a survey a few weeks ago searching for the oldest Morty student of Germany, we pretty soon reached the following amazing and delightful result: Mrs. Kathrin Runde, Franchise Partner and Mortimer tutor from Hamburg, is currently teaching the oldest Morty student - this year Mrs. B. will turn 92 years old!

However, this is a fact that one can neither see in her nor did it stop her from refreshing
her English skills.

To pay Mrs. B. the proper respect, the Mortimer headquarters spontaneously decided to surprise her with a flower bouquet. On top of that she received a portable CD-Player so that from now on she will always be able to listen to her EFY CD.

In this context once again our best wishes to Hamburg and many thanks to Mrs. B.
who proves: learning English is not a matter of age – it’s all about motivation and the right method! To the proud Mortimer tutor Mrs. Runde our warm regards and a lot of fun with her kind of “special” EFY group!