Second "English for Cool Kids" seminar at the headquarters in Germany

April 2017 – 

The second “English for Cool Kids” seminar was with 11 participants quite crowded – one good reason to move the seminar to our pilot school in Lüdenscheid!

Amongst our new franchise partners from Serbia and their teachers, franchise partners from Hamburg, Lauenburg, Munich, Neuenrade as well as teacher from Lüdenscheid participated in the training.

The new programme” English for Cool Kids” was designed for children between the age of 8 and 11-years, especially to help them with problems arising when switching form elementary to secondary school.

Many new games, stories and exercises make the programme so exciting and all participants were sure to add a big value to their Mortimer English Clubs with it.

Further seminars will take place soon – please feel free to get in touch for further details!