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Play with Morty and his friends!

Playing and learning vocabulary at the same time? It works with Mortimer! Find below a couple of games to get to know Morty and his friends better and learn a bit of English vocabulary along the way!

Dear visitors, please note that two of these games might not work on your device. This is due to the fact that the "flash" format is no longer supported. We are currently working on bringing the games back for you.

Malcolm’s Memo games


Malcolm’s Memo Games

Malcolm the dragon is feeling bored and wants to play memo. Can you help him find the matching pairs? 

Dear parents, this game features an alarm clock function. After the preset playing time has expired, an audio-visual signal is diplayed. The playing time is measured in minutes.

Welcome to Ivybridge!

Join us on a spectacular journey to Ivybridge and enjoy fun and games with Mortimer and his friends.

Welcome to Ivybridge

Mortimer´s Castle Games

Mortimer’s Castle Games

Test your English vocabulary with “Uncle Godfrey's Magic Alphabet” or create colourful pictures by using simple words and their corresponding colours in “Betty's Paintbox”.

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Mort interesting articles from Morty’s World

Open day at the recording studio

March 2016 – Our Mortimer English Club children couldn’t only look at all the technical equipment of the “Music Store” music school but were even allowed to record their own song! Accompanied by cheerful Reggae tones, the previously rehearsed “Happy Song” received a whole new tone.