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Do-it-yourself snow globe

That’s what you need

  • A clean jam jar
  • A small figure
  • Deco confetti, artificial snowflakes, pearls, glitter…
  • Liquid glycerin (available at the pharmacy), baby oil or washing-up liquid
  • Water
  • Water-proof glue

By the way: Uncle Godfrey has seen a lot of real snow in his trip to Alaska.

And that’s how it works

Pick up the lid of the jam jar and glue the figure to the middle of the inside. Let the glue dry. Now fill the jam jar with water, nearly to the edge and add a few drops of glycerin, baby oil or washing-up liquid (this helps to have the snow float longer). Fill the glass with snow and glitter. Screw the lid on the glass to test whether there is enough water and snow in it. In case there are  big air bubbles fill in more water. When you’re finished, seal the glass with plenty of glue and let it dry. Now your snow globe is done!