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Origami Bat

Not only for Halloween: Make Betty happy and craft origami bats!

Betty is always happy to see all the great bat-themed decorations that people put up for Halloween – even if she always emphasises that bats are not spooky at all. To ensure that you have many, many bats fluttering about at home for decoration and as presents for friends, we have prepared an easy-peasy tutorial for you. All you need is a square piece of paper and a pair of scissors.

And this it how it works

  1. Fold the paper diagonally in the middle.
  2. turn around the sheets and fold diagonally once more.
  3. Fold down the upper part of the sheet.
  4. For the first wing, fold one half forward diagonally.
  5. Afterwards, fold back the wing so you get an edge.
  6. Do the same on the other to make the second wing. Now you need the scissors: Cut out a small portion of the paper betwenn the two edges so you get the pointy bat ears. You’re done!