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Photos from all over the world

In our photo gallery we have put together a series of photos on the topic of franchising with Mortimer English Club and photo albums covering the topics lessons and courses worldwide.

Here you can find photos from our language schools all over the world and additional photos covering events, special activities and franchise news.

Lessons with Mortimer are so much fun – worldwide! Here you can see photos from all over the world: English courses, lessons and Mortimer events are great fun.

Find additional information about our Mortimer English Club courses

Learning English can be so easy. For all age groups, from baby courses to business courses, from school pupils to seniors: Mortimer English Club language courses provide fun and great learning experiences.

Individually designed for specific target groups.

„English for Cool Kids“ is here - new teaching concept for children from 8 to 11 years

December 2016 – The new programme fills the gap between English for Children and Fit for English and is therefore the ideal preparation for secondary school. The teaching material consists next to reading-, writing-, listening- and grammar exercises of exciting stories games. Read more...

What I like best about working with Mortimer:

„For me Mortimer is something ‘Magic’ because my kids love it, enjoy it and don’t want to miss any lessons. Moreover their parents are also happy having them with us.“

Yvette Fergus
Mortimer English Club
in 15008 A Coruña, Spain