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Dear students, dear parents,

on the following pages you will find the audio files for your lesson material in MP3 format.

This is how it works: Please scroll down and select your course program from the list of icons. Enter your log-in data in the following window. You will receive the latest log-in data at your local Mortimer English Club, please ask your teacher.

In case you have difficulties with the log-in, please read our hints and tips.


Courses for children from 1 to 4 years

English for Little Ones

English for Minis

Courses for children from 4 to 11 years

English for Children 1

English for Children 2

English for Children 3

English for Cool Kids 1

English for Cool Kids 2

Courses for adults

English for You 1

English for You 2

English for You 3

English for You 4

Fit for Business English

Technical problems? Here comes help.

You enter username and password but receive an error message? These are the most frequent reasons:

  1. The password or username were not entered correctly. It happens to all of us. It is important to note that the input is case-sensitive and please do not enter blanks, i.e. don't press the space bar.
  2. The password does not match the course program / icon. In order to download the data for EFC 1, for example, please make sure to click on the corresponding icon for EFC 1. Each course program has its own log-in data.
  3. The login was attempted during change-over. In rare cases, there may be an overlap if you try to log in with the old password in the moment in which the new one is set. In this case, please see whether there is a hint in red text at the top of the page and try again at a later time using the new password.
  4. An active brower setting/plug-in that prevents pop-ups from opening. Please allow pop-up windows for in order to be directed to the log-in prompt.
In case you have other technical problems with the log-in or download, please contact us at any time.
Please provide a detailed description of the technical issue so we can identify it quickly.
(Inadequate example: “The download doesn’t work.”
Helpful example: “Using Firefox on an Android mobile device, log-in failed with programme EFC1, getting stuck in log-in prompt. I used the following log-in data: username: _insert the username you tried_, password: _insert the password you tried_”)