English for Cool Kids

Courses for students from 8 to 11 years old

For students who have already acquired basic knowledge of the English language – either at primary school or with Mortimer –English for Cool Kids is the perfect course. We focus specifically on preparing your child for the transition to secondary school. Fantastic stories, games and lots of reading and writing exercises turn learning English into a positive experience. Basic grammar is taught effectively through games and lots of exercises. Your child will become confident when using the English language, speaking freely in English will become the most natural thing in the world.

  • The best possible preparation for secondary school
  • Child-appropriate courses in small groups
  • Vivid, stimulating, fun lessons
  • Fantastic teaching materials with lots of reading, writing and grammar exercises
  • Be able to speak, read and understand English
  • Fit for secondary school: preparatory courses for primary school pupils

Learning objectives:

We use many stories about Mortimer and his friends to teach comprehensive vocabulary and basic knowledge in grammar. Naturally we also train reading and writing ability. Your child will learn to communicate freely in the English language. They will be immersed in the new topics in a fun way and can consolidate their knowledge with new, innovative educational games.

Alongside grammar exercises, reading and writing, the main focus remains of course on speaking freely. Many new games and ideas are integrated in the lessons so your child can be immersed in the new topics in a fun way.

Learning age: 8 – 11 years

This course is suitable for all children, regardless of their educational performance in English.

Children at secondary school must read, write, understand, speak and internalise grammar – all at the same time. This is too much for many students so they often quickly lose interest. Learning a language should be fun and not become an ordeal. Through their participation in our courses, which run in parallel with school lessons, the children find that learning English is fun – without any pressure to perform.

Students at secondary school are often able to communicate in writing, but are not able to hold a conversation in a foreign language. They have rarely had the opportunity to practice oral conversation. But a language only exists when it is spoken. With the help of diverse conversational games our students learn to communicate naturally in English.

Learning group: 4 to 8 students

The lessons take place in small groups of ca. 4 – 8 students which are divided according to age.

It is important to emphasise that linguistic ability can be trained particularly well in small learning groups; this means that inhibitions when speaking the language are quickly overcome or do not even arise. In comparison the opportunity to strengthen linguistic ability in a large class of 25 to 30 students is very limited.

Teaching materials:

With English for Cool Kids the children will learn app. 1000 new words. It consists of 2
Activity books, 2 audio CDs and 2 sticker booklets. We work on interesting subject areas, e.g.: To introduce oneself, meet friends, make phone calls, all about school, school in the Middle Ages, dinosaurs and Ice Age, colours and clothes, counting and calculating, the time, chatting on the Internet, countries and continents, to go shopping, in space and many more. In addition, the children learn 6 English songs. This course also covers many basic grammar topics (verbs and their present and future tenses, pronouns, possessive –s, verbs, adjectives, nouns). The grammar is explained vividly and consolidated through many exercises.

Fit for English – from 9 to 16 years

Fit for English consists of innovative private lessons and advanced level English lessons for students of all levels – from primary to secondary school. We also provide targeted preparatory courses for primary school children and help prepare your child for secondary school. It is very important to us that your child has fun while learning!

Learning English with Mortimer English Club

The young knight Mortimer accompanies our children through their lessons. You and your children can get to know Morty and his friends.

Individually designed for specific target groups.

Our Mortimer English courses can be perfectly integrated as part of all-day schooling and extended learning opportunities offered at your school.

My best Mortimer English Club experience!

„Last week a lady started the course with the words “Before I tell you about my holiday a very big thank you to you, Irene, because you have made it possible for me to express my wishes in English.”“

Irene Ventzke-Brand
Mortimer English Club
in 23738 Lensahn, Germany