English for Little Ones

Beginner's course for 1 to 2 year-olds

Young children learn easily and effortlessly. In our children’s course the young ones explore the language like a new and exciting game.

Successful learning with Mortimer is scientifically proven! More...

  • A child-oriented course in a small group.
  • English is combined positively with games and songs.
  • Fantastic and imaginative teaching materials.
  • Become actively involved – even without any knowledge of English.
  • Discover learning techniques for use at home.

Enjoy the exchange of experiences with other parents and variety of activities for your child to take part in.

Learning objectives:

We captivate the young ones with simple dialogues, activities, songs, imaginative illustrations and games. In order to be able to speak a language you must first of all understand it - and that is precisely what your infant will learn with Mortimer: first understanding then speaking English. With the aid of our specially developed teaching materials we will gently encourage your child with lots of fun to use the English language just as naturally as their native language.

Learning age: 1 – 2 years

Babies and infants have an innate feel for languages. There is never a better time in a person’s life to learn a language as effortlessly as in the first 3 years - the phase of native language acquisition. Don’t worry if your child doesn’t speak from the outset. At this age your child has the ability to learn every language. Sooner or later your child will start to speak naturally and on their own initiative.

Learning group: ca. 3 to 6 infants + parent

Teaching takes place in small, age-appropriately divided groups of ca. 3 – 6 infants. You as the parent / guardian can also accompany your child during the lessons and experience their learning progress up close!

Teaching material:

Set contains: 3 activity books, 1 craft pad, 1 audio CD and the green Mortimer English Club bag.

In our English for Little Ones set (ca. 300 words) we cover interesting topics which are suitable for children. Children will also become familiar with many typical English songs and nursery rhymes. You can find more information about our teaching material here.

English for Minis – course for young children from 2 to 4 years old

From the age of 2 years your child is ready for English for Minis. Based on the Mortimer principle children can be taught in a way which builds on previously learned materialsover several years.

News of Mortimer English Club

Facelift and Update for our Teaching Materials

June 2021 – Following Book 5 and 6, Book 7 has now been completed which means our "English for Children" Set 1 and Set 2 have both been fully revised and updated.


The young knight Mortimer accompanies our children through their lessons. You and your children can get to know Morty and his friends.

Individually designed for specific target groups.

Find out more in the FAQ for parents.

Increase the learning opportunities available at your nursery school or preschool with Mortimer English Club language courses.

Mein schönstes Morty-Erlebnis

„When my youngest pupil Alice, 2 year old, starts singing with me "Up & Down" while flying into Morty's world on the Sky Express carpet, I realise the high quality of the English For Minis lessons by Mortimer English Club.“

Blanca Klaver
teacher and head of the Mortimer English Club
in Vitré, France