Fit for Business English

English for work, training and career

If you can communicate well in English you will have more opportunities in life – not only on an international stage. Your Mortimer Business Trainer will help improve your English language skills. You will practise telephone conversations, and also chat, present and negotiate in English – in the same way you are able to in your mother tongue.

Courses for your company

English speaking employees are an asset for every company. The interna­tional competitiveness of the company grows as your employees learn languages. Mortimer English Club offers individual courses specially tailored to your company – for beginners and advanced students, as a one-to-one course or for small groups, in-house or in learning centres – all over Germany.

Get in touch with us – we would be delighted to make you a tailor-made offer.

If you can communicate well in English you will have more opportunities in life –
not only on an international stage.

Learn English alongside your apprenticeship

Depending on the profession English teaching is no longer covered in depth during apprenticeships. But English speaking employees are an asset for every company.  

  • Apprentices profit from the additional training in English during their apprenticeship and when they start work.
  • Specialist workers are becoming scarce – the competition for competent and suitable apprentices is increasing. Employees and firms offering apprentices are able to secure competent and qualified employees.

For study

Studying and working abroad – the English language connects people and gives you the opportunity to achieve your aims. Secure good jobs and career opportunities for yourself.

Increase career opportunities

Today fluent English is a prerequisite for successful business deals and attractive career prospects.

Communication is the main focus of “Fit for Business English”. We provide our course participants with comprehensive business vocabulary while general English vocabulary is also increased and grammar is covered in detail.

Speaking, understanding and writing in English.

The lessons and the high-quality teaching materials comply with the CEFR, the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. These comprehensive recommendations for language courses make language acquisition, the use of language and linguistic competence of learners Europe-wide transparent and comparable.

Learning English with Mortimer English Club

Courses for all ages, with or without previous knowledge of English and in small groups – we can help you achieve your personal learning objective!

Do you want to prepare your employees for international communication? Individual courses available in-house or at our language schools.

Individually designed for specific target groups.

Mein schönstes Morty-Erlebnis

„When my youngest pupil Alice, 2 year old, starts singing with me "Up & Down" while flying into Morty's world on the Sky Express carpet, I realise the high quality of the English For Minis lessons by Mortimer English Club.“

Blanca Klaver
teacher and head of the Mortimer English Club
in Vitré, France

latest News from the headquarters

Anja Nolda celebrates 20 year anniversary at Mortimer English Club Headquarters

April 2023 – This month our Managing directors as well as the entire Morty-Team congratulated our colleague Anja Nolda on her 20 years anniversary at Mortimer English Club Headquarters