English for You

Courses for adults

English is part of modern day life, it allows us to understand the world and helps broaden our horizons. At work, on the internet and when travelling English opens doors and provides new impetus.

  • Courses in small groups or individual tuition.
  • Practical learning without the pressure to perform.
  • Experienced, qualified trainers.
  • Specially developed, proven methods and educational games.
  • Like-minded fellow students.
  • Practise speaking freely in English and understanding the language.
  • Courses for elderly learners with an appropriate learning pace.

Beginner and intermediate courses for adults

At Mortimer you can learn English or extend your knowledge of the language – without the pressure to perform and have lots of fun. Learning English is fun – whatever your aim – whether you are planning a holiday abroad or you want to progress professionally and become a success.

We offer a wide range of opportunities for learners of all ages – whether or not you have previous knowledge of English. Our trainers offer beginner’s courses, intermediate courses and advanced courses – depending on your previous knowledge of English.

The lessons and the high-quality teaching materials comply with the CEFR, the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. These comprehensive recommendations for language courses make language acquisition, the use of language and linguistic competence of learners Europe-wide transparent and comparable.

Experience effective learning in small groups.

Learn the English language in homogeneous groups with like-minded individuals. The course content and progression are individually tailored to the respective group.

In all courses the focus is on communication and speaking freely. Furthermore we guarantee that you will have lots of fun during the lessons thanks to the individual Mortimer concept.


Speak to our English trainers about your aims and motivation.

  • Have you already learned English in the past and simply need to brush up on your language skills and take part in practical communication in a group of like-minded individuals?
  • Did you find it difficult to learn new languages at school?
  • Would you like to gain additional training for your work and profession?
  • Have you left the world of work behind and now have time to learn new things?

Your local Mortimer English Club will help define your aims during a personal conversation and find a suitable course for you. Contact your local Mortimer English Club!

Learning English with Mortimer English Club

Do you want to prepare your employees for international communication? Individual courses available in-house or at our language schools.

Do you speak Business English?
Improve your work and apprenticeship opportunities – We can help you to achieve your aims!

Individually designed for specific target groups.

My best Mortimer English Club experience!

„My best Mortimer-experience? Coming to Herscheid for a seminar for the first time after not having been there for a couple of years. Felt like ‘coming home’. Thanks to Anja and Karola & Susanne!“

Barbara Fels
Mortimer English Club
in 85646 Anzing, Germany

latest News from the headquarters

Anja Nolda celebrates 20 year anniversary at Mortimer English Club Headquarters

April 2023 – This month our Managing directors as well as the entire Morty-Team congratulated our colleague Anja Nolda on her 20 years anniversary at Mortimer English Club Headquarters