Yearly master franchise partner meeting in the Ukraine

January 2014 – 

At the yearly master franchise partner meeting in the Ukraine Karola Scheer had the opportunity to convince herself of the fact that the two Ukrainian master partners, Anna Lobunova and Inna Azarova, are still coordinating everything following the successful Mortimer concept.

The visit also served the purpose of exchanging experiences, gaining an insight on the developments in the Ukraine as well as the organisation of the teaching programmes on sight. Moreover there was the opportunity of meeting the franchise partners of Inna and Anna.

During her stay, the managing director of Mortimer English Club also visited the courses for children in order to assure herself of the good quality and implementation of the Mortimer method of mother-tongue learning in the Ukraine.

Dear Inna, dear Anna, thanks a lot for the many positive insights which could be collected during the visit in the Ukraine!