New master partner for the region Krasnodar and opening of the first learning centre in the suburb of Moscow.

December 2014 – 

Shortly before the end of the year there was one last time peak season at the International Headquarters of Mortimer English Club – our new master partners for the region Krasnodar in the south of Russia plus 9 teachers travelled to Herscheid in order to attend the master seminar as well as the teacher training.

After the 5-men-team around master partner Mikhail Kharakoz completed the master partner seminar successfully a thorough teacher training for several programmes followed.

Even before attending the seminar the team started the strategically planning: Qualified English teachers and staff were hired and the first premises for the learning centres were rented. Therefore, the Mortimer lessons for children and adults can already start at the beginning of the year.

Mortimer English Club is now next to
St. Petersburg also represented in the region Krasnodar as well as close to Moscow. Further locations are in the works as Mikhail Kharakoz and his highly motivated team have ambitious plans.

We wish all the best for this challenging and exciting task!