Mortimer‘s very first and own adventure book – order it now

February 2013 – 

„Malcolm and the dragon cold“ is the title of the first adventure that our friends Mortimer, Betty, Malcolm and Uncle Godfrey have to pass. An exciting trip for all readers, for this awaits them in our book:

“Atchoo!” snorts Malcolm the dragon and a huge flame shoots out of his nostrils. In the blink of an eye his four-poster bed is on fire! Help! Malcolm has got a dragon cold!

Now every sneeze is a danger to his friends and his surroundings. The worst thing about a dragon cold is that it is almost incurable. Luckily it is only almost incurable because there is a cure, far away in a dangerous place…

The lovingly illustrated book is an adventure for big and small! An English and a German edition are available in every local Mortimer English Club. The German edition can be ordered at Amazon as well.

size A4
40 pages
ISBN: 978-3-942774-12-3
Price: 15,95 €