Mortimer English Club connects continents - Master Partner of Malaysia.

November 2013 – 

Joey Lee, the new Mortimer Master Partner for Malaysia, has just finished his two-week stay at the International Headquarters of Mortimer English Club in Germany in order to attend the master partner training. With him he brought his wife, Elly, and one of his future teachers, Wilson Tham. The training included a business seminar which lasted several days, and a thorough teacher training. The three Malaysians resisted the, for them, unusual cold temperatures in Germany and showed relentless dedication for the training at all times.
At the Mortimer learning center, the three of them participated in different Mortimer lessons with children and adults and were therefore able to experience the knowledge they gained during the seminars live inside of the classroom. Surprisingly for them: During one of the lesson they met another Asian family learning English with Mortimer – language connects people – big and little – young and old – across all boundaries!
For regeneration of the many hours in the seminar room, there were plenty of excursions planned – amongst trips to cologne, Münster and the „Sauerland“. On top, there were many opportunities to get a taste of the German cuisine.

At the end of their stay, the three headed back home – exhausted, but also highly motivated to start Mortimer lessons in Malaysia very soon and to begin launching Mortimer outlets throughout the entire country shortly!

Joey Lee and his wife Elly have already a lot of experience with children as they have been leading a big kindergarten for years. In addition, they have a degree in business administration which gives them the necessary know-how for their new, exciting task.

The whole Mortimer teams send their best wishes for goodbye and looks forward to a hopefully soon to come reencounter!