Facelift and Update for our Teaching Materials

June 2021 – 

Despite pandemic-related worries we continued to work tirelessly at the Mortimer System Headquarters. Alongside the development of online materials to provide the best possible support to our Partners during online teaching, we have also made changes to our "English for Children" books. Following Book 5 and 6, Book 7 has now been completed which means our "English for Children" Set 1 and Set 2 have both been fully revised and updated. The story of Mortimer and his friends continues and takes our students on journeys from modern times into the Middle Ages. New and exciting stories and teaching content complete the set and turn it into a unique experience.

The accompanying audio materials have also been newly recorded in a professional recording studio. Various talented narrators and singers have provided the voices for Mortimer and his friends, bringing them to life and taking the children on a journey into Morty's world with fantastic music. Many teaching materials have been transformed into contemporary cool raps. Thanks to the audio materials, children still have the opportunity to experience Mortimer and his friends at home and they naturally absorb the knowledge they have gained during lessons – true to our motto "Enjoy learning".

An overview of our entire teaching materials with many excerpts can be accessed on our website – it's worth a visit!