Even more exciting learning materials now for kids 4 plus

September 2018 – 

In Mortimer development is continuously going on for the very best learning materials for our students. This is also true for children in the Kindergarten age:

> Fascinating stories for learning with fun.

> Great pictures as well as songs and texts for listening contribute to learning with all senses.

> Plus, simple but equally inspiring reading and writing activities for children 6+.

At least as important for the language development of children are of course our well-trained teachers. Mortimer teachers always interact with children in a way that learning is a lot of fun for them.

Is learning English from an early age necessary? Certainly not. Your children can learn English also at a later time. However, it will never be as easy for them as now. Why not phone a Mortimer teacher and ask for a free-of-charge trial lesson? You will experience how learning English with fun and games works.

Wolfgang Sailer, Mortimer English Club

Excerpt from our activity books for children 4+