A visit to our Franchise Partner in St. Petersburg

July 2017 – 

This month our managing director Jürgen Nauditt and Franchise Manager Tanja Schröter travelled to the Russian metropolis of St. Petersburg in order to visit the locally based Franchise Partner and Master Partner Dmitriy Ganin.

According to Jürgen Nauditt, the best way to discuss current business issues and planned innovations as well as wishes and criticism is in person in the respective country.

Franchise Partner Maria Oleynik (second from the left in the photo) was the first Mortimer Franchise Partner in St. Petersburg and has already been successfully running her own language school since 2013. She has also completed training to become a Mortimer Teacher Trainer and is therefore able to train other Franchise Partners in the field of teaching methodology. We would be delighted to be able to further expand our network in St. Petersburg and in the rest of Russia and look forward to receiving further enquiries.    

Photo (from left to right): Dmitriy Ganin, Maria Oleynik, Tanja Schröter, Jürgen Nauditt in front of the famous St. Isaac’s cathedral in St. Petersburg