Little ones in great shape – an interview with Mortimer students!

March 2013 – 

Last week, the English for Children students of the Mortimer English Club in Lüdenscheid had the chance to speak their mind about Mortimer. The 4 to 10 year-olds enjoyed their role as interview stars quite a lot. Ten-year-olds Gian-Luca and Ömür, as well as the nine-year-old Amina were questioned about Mortimer.

At Mortimer, children and adults learn English in a playful way and without any pressure to perform. The perfect proof that this method is successful is brought by the students themselves, as their astute and smart answers to our questions show:

Interview with Gian-Luca
1. For how long have you been attending the English lessons at Mortimer?
For 3 years.

2. Please talk about your English lessons at Mortimer! Whatever comes to your mind...
We learn English playfully and I like the games very much. Above all, I like the game “tummy ache”. There are cards with food and drinks on them and by playing the game you can memorise the new words more easily.

3. What has changed for you since you come to the English course at Mortimer?
I‘ve definitely become much better in English. Now I have an “A” in English on my school report and I don‘t have any more problems with the English language.

4. How do you like the class room and the equipment at Mortimer?
I like all of it. It would be best if we had one of those new iPads but of course that‘s not what we pay for. I like it here as it is, especially since the Learning Centre has been really cooly redecorated to look like a medieval castle.

5. Are there any specific rules you have to follow during the lessons?
Yes, you have to behave and mustn‘t mess about too much. You also mustn‘t insult anyone or laugh at other children. Our teacher sets a high value on this.

6. Do you feel comfortable during the lessons at Mortimer?
Yes, I feel very much comfortable at Mortimer lessons. Every child has days when they aren‘t in the mood for school but to Mortimer, I always go gladly.

7. Is there anything else about the English lessons that you would like to talk about?
Actually, there are a few things. There are cool games at Mortimer, like Bingo for example. Also, we listen to our learning CD at home and are supposed to memorise the new words we hear on it. And in the next lesson, we will learn those new English words.

8. How do you like the characters of Mortimer: Morty, Malcolm, Betty and Uncle

Well, I think the four are cool, but my favourite is Uncle Godfrey, the wizard!

Interview with Ömür
1. Please talk about your English lessons at Mortimer! What do you like best?
I like everything at Mortimer!

2. What can you tell us about the lessons at Mortimer in comparison with your ordinary school lessons?
Much better, because the teacher at school is always ill. But at Mortimer, this is completely different. We can always come here to learn English!

3. How do you like the class room and the equipment at Mortimer?
Very good. I especially like the new fireplace in the class room.

4. How do you like the lessons at Mortimer?
I think the lessons are interesting and exciting.

5. Do you hear about how good you've learned at the end of the lessons?
Yes, we have a ritual. Everybody has a card with stars on it, for good English and good behaviour. And at the end of the lesson our teacher at Mortimer records how many stars we achieved during the lesson. 5 stars are the highest you can achieve.

6. What do you think: Have you learned much English at Mortimer?
Yes, I think I‘ve learned English very well since I come to the Mortimer lessons.

Interview with Amina
1. What is your name and how old are you?
My name is Amina and I‘m 9 years old.

For how long have you been attending the English lessons at Mortimer up to now?
For about 2 years.

How do you like the class room and the equipment at Mortimer?
Very good, I especially like the new finger puppets. Above all, I like Betty.

4. Do you enjoy learning with your Mortimer teacher? Is it similar to learning at school?

Yes, I really like it! And no, it‘s a bit different to learning at school. In school, we don‘t learn English this playfully. And at Mortimer, we learn more English.

5. Do you sometimes get homework assignments at Mortimer?
Yes, sometimes we got something to read, or we should listen to our CD at home. It helps us learning.